Real Estate Agent vs Car Salesman

The old adage. Real estate agents sit somewhere between used car sales and lawyers. I remember my dad mentioning this before he dropped me off at 17 to begin my apprenticeship with RW Hervey Bay. Didn’t make much sense back then, it does now.

But has this old adage changed? Has the perceived image of a real estate agent taken a turn for the better? How do the general public really see real estate agents these days?

It may be the mix of painkillers, limited movement or the fact that my physical interaction with the outside world has ceased, however I now have a new take on how agents are really perceived. Well at least how I am perceived.

In the last few days I have been overwhelmed with clients/ customers wanting to offer there assistance. And not in the fake ‘need a hand, happy to help’ way but genuine offers of real assistance. One retired client offered to be my driver over the coming weeks, I’ve know this particular person for no more than 1week! Another expressed his eagerness to act as a courier for any paperwork I might need taken care of (think he really wanted to play real estate agent for a little while!)

Now this may be isolated examples of the kind heartedness of nice people but I believe it goes further than that. I’ve been fortunate to have received dozens of emails/texts from past and present clients wishing me well only recovery. Further examples of genuine kindness.

It would seem to me that in the eyes of these particular people (my clients/customers) that they have a level of genuine care and concern usually reserved for friends & family. They seem to like me!

Do you like your real estate agent?


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